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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

  dog food , any one ??

Duty on pet foods down from 30 to 20% !!
that’s good news , with the regular food costing so much i shud switch to
a different kind of diet food and hopefully it wl be more effective than what i am eating right now...

and may be you all can join me make our country a place like this ....

budget 2007 mubarak ho !!
Monday, February 19, 2007

  ~happy valentines , wishing the love and …the betrayal.~

Mine is leaving to be with the Government …*sigh*
Thursday, February 08, 2007

  Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night...

After pulling an all-nighter for this party at our home on Saturday , and then , ignoring all the hints my body kept giving me to take it slow , on Sunday I didn’t sleep and went for another party . I just popped a couple of combiflam and thot all is well.
So I was punished for that .
Monday morning I cudnt get out of the bed . I had high fever , sore throat and really bad body ache .
I was home for 3 days , bored to death with nothing to do . I mean how much can a person orkut on net … there is a limit to it .
Hubs had this really important meeting in pune , so he went as well . now I didn’t have anyone pampering me as well… the worst time to fall ill .
Tried to read the latest John Grisham .. is it my fever or the man has written the worst ever novel this time ?
And to top in all , the cable kept coming and going . Apparently the amplifier or whatever they put in our building had a bad connection or something , so every time the lift was used the cable went out . yeah that’s what I ws told by my ‘cable guy’ .. the way it was going , I wudnt have been surprised if he wud have told me that every time someone will flush , the cable will go out..

Back in office today …. not in as they say in the ‘pink’ of health , but I am a definite light pink … no backlog of work , as I kinda did manage to work from home during the fever… but am really mad at myself for fallin ill and loosing 3 days of the SL .. cud have ‘utilized’ them elsewhere .. sheesh..

By the way abt the song in the title of the post , have heard almost all versions , so so many people have sung this song .. but my favorite is Ella Fitzgerald’s and also Ray Charles with Natalie Cole. Which version do you like ?
( that is if you like the song in the first place )
(how can anyone not like this song , is beyond me :P)
oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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