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Thursday, May 29, 2008

  My worst ever break up ………..

I quit . i wanted to quit gracefully , with no drama , no emotion . just plain quit . ah well , (wo)man proposes , (ms.) god disposes . THIS is what ensued , the story of my worst ( longest , 10 days )ever break-up:
*shock* *hurt* . what happened ? we thought you were so happy ? we have to talk . you can’t do this to us. We are never letting you go . tell us what we can do .
no no , it is not you guys , it is me . *guiltily* I have an opportunity I am very excited about , I want to check it out.
it is all our fault . we should have been more attentive , more communicative. we got busy with other departments , assumed all is fine with you .*sad* our fault , our fault. lets begin again . we will be better this time , way better. pls . *wistful*
no no , seriously guys , dont bash yourself . as i said it just happened , i met these people *more guiltily* and everthing just fell into place .
arre , dont believe them . they sense a little dissatisfaction and they swoop in promising the moon . *big brother like* especially with employees like you who are emotional creative people.
*a little insulted* no they didnt do anything like that . i want to go and work with them . you have to let me go.
No way! tell us : you don’t like your present vertical head , no problem! Will shift your team to report directly to the MD . designation ? sure ! will make you a AGM.*hysterical* salary ? sure! will 40% raise right now and another one at the end of the year do ? *desperate*you want individual projects to handle , without the interference of nyo ? of course ! we understand artistic people need creative independence. *blabbering* you want to handle multi brands ? definitely! wait for another 6 months , we will give you an opportunity to pitch for other clients as well. *unbelievable*
OMG , I am flattered , honored . *feeling very guilty* but I still think this is best thing for me at this stage.

Fine . go if you want . but you are making the worst decision of ur life . this is family (sic!) and you are abandoning a family .*hurt* you are kicking away a bright future. you have built the process yourself . it is like your own company. How can you leave it ?*accusing*
yes, *sniff sniff* yes I have built the team , each one of them. but I still want to go .

give us your husband’s number we will ask him to knock some sense into your impulsive head .
what ? *shocked* NO !!!!!!
Ok, fine *sulk* you have to complete your 2 months notice period for HODs.
Nope , my contract says 4 weeks , you have wasted one , so three weeks from now , and I am out of this place .*very professional*
*more sulk* this is what we get after valuing you so much . *panic stricken*you leave us in middle of nowhere , what will we do in 3 weeks , where will we find a replacement?????????????????????
Oh ok *feeling guilty , sorry , ashamed…. And like I am dealing at a vegetable shop*… 6 weeks then , neither yours nor mine . ok ? kapish ?
6 weeks , guys .*curt*. then I am out of here . *matter-of-factly*
Oh alright *expression of taking out the knife from their back* 6 weeks , but promise us you wont take anyone of your team for at least 8 weeks after you have left . promise ?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

  reINCarnation alL over aGain..............

So I did it again .
Took a really long break from blogging ……and came back again.
Got bored of what I was doing in my job………..put in papers in 2 yrs again.
Listened to a friend and followed her diet plan…………….went back to eating in flat 3 days again.
Didn’t listen to N…………… a new hair colour again.
Meddled in my sis’s business……………..was told to back off again.
Sensed uncomfortable distance with a friend…………..called her to fix it, again.

Got what I wanted for a long time..............lost it again.
Faced failure..............started the pursuit again.

Fought with my mother……….again .
Worried about my grandma……..again .
Couldn’t do anything about it………again .
Spoke too much…………….again.
Listened little……………..again.
Hurt loved ones………..again.
Forgave and forgot…………..again.
Loved and was loved…………….again.

Happiness found..............again .

It is good to be back …………again.
Till I leave ……………again.

oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.” so i intend to write the words. again . here. with honesty. for myself.

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