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Monday, January 29, 2007

  happy days ..

Work suddenly got exciting .. I dint expect things to look so good… so I am not complainin abt the longs hours and a little stress . all is worth a little unexpected creative stimulation..
Saw guru. Was disappointed , may be I was expecting too much .. aby baby has over acted , esp in the second half of the movie.. and ashwariya-to-bear-aby-baby's-baby-rai is as usual bad .. I mean mani ratnam is capable of extracting some performance from non actors ( remember karina kappoor in yuva) , but he failed in front of the mighty non talent of ms rai ..
But I loved madhavan and apna mithun da...hoeye.. .. fabulous performance from both .. subtle , muted yet powerful .. in comparison to abhishek’s hamming , they looked even better…
The music is as usual excellent , the dances surprisingly weird for a mani ratnam;s movie .
The cinematography was excellent , the story / screenplay was good (mani ratnam never goes wrong with that) but the performance didn’t do the justice ..


and finally …
this year..

the other India intends to fly , I intend to fly with her ….
my wishlist …

India is poised …

…. To fight the hunger and unemployment.
…..To provide shelter to all.
…. To become the bluddy best country to do business with, invest in.
....To educate all.
…..To win world cup ( both cricket and hockey)
…..To sweep Oscars ( and to call it Vijays)
…..To value women as much as men
…..To make better roads , better infrastructure
…. To recognize our classical artist before Americans do.
…..To finally produce a decent rapper ( not like baba sehgal… my gawd , whats wrong with him , does he really think that what he
writes/ sings is music someway)
…. To get the Olympic golds.
…. To work her hardest , yet find time party and to smell the roses .

Yus , I am dreamer, an optimist ***singing***

the name is sanguine after all .
happy republic day .
Monday, January 08, 2007

  happy buday , sis ...

She was the most beautiful child when she was born .. like anjali (of that film by the same name)
She was my living doll for the early years…
My bro n me ganged up so many times against her ..
She did believe that she was the adopted one in the family…
We have got a lot of beatings because of her from Baba, bcoz she was his favorite.. actually she still is ..
She bosses me all the time now… she is in revenge mode for the way I treated her when she was small..
At one point her favorite didi was my friend and not me .. it hurt me then , it hurts me still…
She had the most beautiful hair ever..
I got them cut in blunt , coz I thot two braids looked so un cool…
She was so dumb , she thought yeshu masaih was our fifth mausi , and called Agatha Christie Anuradha Krishnan …
She was so intelligent that she topped her boards.. got in LSR and made us all very proud..

Boys fall in love with her all the time … and there is no exaggeration .. all the time ..I mean it ..
I like all the boys who like her ...

Bro has broken so many bones of her fan club members..
She has broken so many hearts …

She got her heart broken a couple of times…
She is the one who taught me how to drink tequila .. how to wear make up …
She is the one who saw me thro a really bad relationship ..
She was one of the first to approve of my hubs …they are best of friends today..
She is one of the few who can make me laugh anytime , anywhr … one of those giggly fits..
She thinks I have the biggest butt of all the people she knows…

I think she is one of the prettiest girl i have seen ...
Her favorite colour is blue.. she never admits that tho...

She will not cry at the biggest matters…
She will bawl at the smallest..
She can be amazingly matured one moment..
The next she is the most childish, spoilt, unreasonable girl..
She is the only person I know , who hates peas (matar) ..
She loves fish ..

She can not sing …but insists on singing.. all the time..
She likes hip hop and Punjabi numbers (that is delhi in her)..

Today when me, my bro & ma all are away working, she has put her career on hold to be with baba .. no wonder she is still baba’s favorite ..
I am so proud of her…
She is all that I am not … I see so much of me in her… “a special kind of double”

This is her year .. I know ..
She wl be doing her dream job this year..
She wl be meeting her knight in shining armor or honda city .. whatever ..
This is your year , sis ..
Happy, very happy birthday..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

  happy new year , Mr Twain and all of you ...

Mark Twain* said "New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions."

[checklist :
promiscuous : check ( didnt see them , but am sure there must be atleast one thr)
drunks : check
friendly calls : check
humbug resolutions : check
extras -
old friends : check
new friends : check
good music : check
terrace : check
moonlight : check
traffic : naah ..
dancing : check
hugs : check

good food: check
laughter : check

yes Mr Twain, "it is a harmless annual institution of no particular use to anybody" except to people like me who believe - well begun, is job half done...

here is to good beginning of 2007 and even better end..

(as always , click to enlarge)
*nothing against Mr Twain, just using his quote to kick start the post. thats all.
oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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