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Monday, January 29, 2007

  happy days ..

Work suddenly got exciting .. I dint expect things to look so good… so I am not complainin abt the longs hours and a little stress . all is worth a little unexpected creative stimulation..
Saw guru. Was disappointed , may be I was expecting too much .. aby baby has over acted , esp in the second half of the movie.. and ashwariya-to-bear-aby-baby's-baby-rai is as usual bad .. I mean mani ratnam is capable of extracting some performance from non actors ( remember karina kappoor in yuva) , but he failed in front of the mighty non talent of ms rai ..
But I loved madhavan and apna mithun da...hoeye.. .. fabulous performance from both .. subtle , muted yet powerful .. in comparison to abhishek’s hamming , they looked even better…
The music is as usual excellent , the dances surprisingly weird for a mani ratnam;s movie .
The cinematography was excellent , the story / screenplay was good (mani ratnam never goes wrong with that) but the performance didn’t do the justice ..


and finally …
this year..

the other India intends to fly , I intend to fly with her ….
my wishlist …

India is poised …

…. To fight the hunger and unemployment.
…..To provide shelter to all.
…. To become the bluddy best country to do business with, invest in.
....To educate all.
…..To win world cup ( both cricket and hockey)
…..To sweep Oscars ( and to call it Vijays)
…..To value women as much as men
…..To make better roads , better infrastructure
…. To recognize our classical artist before Americans do.
…..To finally produce a decent rapper ( not like baba sehgal… my gawd , whats wrong with him , does he really think that what he
writes/ sings is music someway)
…. To get the Olympic golds.
…. To work her hardest , yet find time party and to smell the roses .

Yus , I am dreamer, an optimist ***singing***

the name is sanguine after all .
happy republic day .
loved this one! >:D<
You thought he over acted? really - hmm I can see why you would think that actually. I found he matched his abilities to the role required ratehr well.

Hope you had a good republic day
shub - thanks darlin ..

san - well, thot he made weird faces thro out the movie. and in his last speech in the court , he kept forgettin that he is sufferrin from lakwa and straightened his mouth dont attempt a physical deformity in a performance , if you cant carry it properly .. see, abhishek was excellent in yuva, so may be i am comparing this performance with that ..
to add to that the sincerity and effort of his yuva performance was sadly missing in guru .. he was suddenly a star in this movie , if you understand what i mean.
i ws disappointed.

but i wl concede to this that guru's performance was way better than what he has done in umrao jaan n dhoom 2 :D
I love Sr Bachchan's voice - when he is all high and mighty!
And man! I loved him recite the India poised --

Thanks for the link, Sang!
good thing ur having fun at, havent watched it as yet...india poised, optimistic is the right word!
upsilamba- he is wonderful and inspiring na .. his voice gives me goose bumps all the time ...

marlee- go watch guru , it is worth one watch atleast , inspite of what i say :D
yes, optimistic and ... ready is the other word , dear .. we are so ready now ..
Jai Hind sirjee ;)
oye! kiddan? :D

we share the same feelings abt ms. rai... my sympathies with you and her too :P
ah, blokes at ToI will be happy :)
cherie no nope .. i dont know you , i wl not acknowledge you ... shoo !!

because of b - oye kudiye , kaha se tapki yaha ...
abt ms rai , i give up on her, as if it matters to her but i do that anyways .. *sigh*

manu- and that is my aim in life ..
sheesh , that is what you have 2 say for my oh-so-good post ? huumphh!!
Hi ...

Another POISED post!!

This is, this is:
" Work suddenly got exciting .. I dint expect things to look so good ......little unexpected creative stimulation..
" is also synonymous with me RIGHT NOW!!

I think your wishlist would come up with more as per your optimism ...

don't intend to fly with her, make yourself flying so hight that SHE INTENDS to fly with YOU ...

Cheers ..
heh,u're now enjoying work...yes,a little unexpected creative stimulation CAN do wonders.Guru-now,I'm wondering about the 'to watch or not to watch' aspect,after reading ur review.Time's always at a premium,na?Interesting to note that u term Kareena and Aish as Non-actors...lastly,the wish-list..u forgot to add'India is poised to have Americans and Brits clambering over each other to transfer their work base there'...:)perhaps a far-off dream at present,but,someday,for sure.:)
Hey.. I kinda liked the movie - except for the ethics of running the business bit, its a true story, and well, I've seen quite a bit of al this in reality..

India poised - 2007 is a BIG year for India! We've got to make a difference! High tome our generation wakes up dude!I am already working on it.. Are you?
good to know your enjoying work.makes things that much more easier na?
guru - havent been able to watch it yet.maybe next week...
india poised..i loved that print ad that TOI took out, and getting Amitabh Bachchan to say it out loud was a brilliant idea..and yeah, i'd rather dream this dream even if it makes ppl call me silly :-)
Hellow,Sanguineji...when's the next post?(It seems to be so good to be asking this question,instead of someone asking me.heh heh)
some thot that, Roy .. i am gonna try :D

amitL arent they already ? ;)

wow aparna , i dont know really .. i am just doin my job , and getting excited abt 'india posed' :D
wunderkind me to , me too ..

amitL sirjee , likh di navi navi taazi post aapke liye ;)
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