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Monday, February 19, 2007

  ~happy valentines , wishing the love and …the betrayal.~

Mine is leaving to be with the Government …*sigh*
Ha Ha Ha !!!!!

Fab post to start my morning....makes me feel..I am not the ONLY ONE !!

Btw, How are you doing???
mehak ya ... hum sab bechare taxes ke maare ... it is bluddy depressing and i am confirmed that the accountants are the most sadistic professionals .. "arre ma'am , x amount to katega hi... if you want to save it, u wl have to invest 3x *snigger*"
..if i had the bluddy 3 x , wud i be fighting for the x , you devil's incarnate
:P true. unless you're really miserly or really good with getting more of it. dreading next month's pay cheque!
by the bye, left u a ques in the comment box in my come by n enlighten me :-D
...thanks for the condolences...
hahaha...Sanguineji,that's a good one...send one to Mr. Chidambaram,too.
hay hay ye majboori..
gaaun kya?
Lets form a "I hate taxes" club?
Hey sorry fro dropping in uninvited, but thought your writing for too witty to be missed :)
Pravin and i am none of them ... i am screwed big time this year yaar.. such a mess..

marlee i was too , so i went to the accounts deptt and asked them how much they wl be cutting .. then i bawled a little n came back and wrote the post :P

amitL you think he cares ... naah sire ,last i heard he is abt to tax PF when it matures .. he hates the middle class..
gaon na austy ! :D

canary sure .. i dont think anyone wud not want to join it .. even Chidambaram ji .
and ur most welcome here . come again :D
Mat poochho merey bank kitney bachey hai ... hardly anything!!! Shadi ke baad sab kharch hogaya! I am starting with a scratch again!

But yes, forget PF and all. If you take my advice, invest in MFs and Equities systematically to beat inflation and creat wealth :-)
good one sanguine... everyone's money seems to be doing the same thing!
manish nahi poochti !! :P
i know all abt the marriage expenses ..we went thro the same thing last year march whn it ws hubs 's sis 's marriage .. we still have to clear the credit card bills *sigh*

anks ya i am sure .. but it is the betrayal of MY money that hurts me .heh he ...
hey hey hey! kya karti ho! your blog keeps going off my bloglines reader and i dont even come to know - bcz i just assume you havent been writing :(

kaisi ho?
ricercar aww ... but i have been pretty regular now *pat on the back*
now i wl come to ur page n leave a msg whenever i update .. ok?
i know how it feels. They will live luxuriosly at our expense.
Sang jee: a very true sad joke it was. well pictured!
Arunima oh ya .. with us in bbay , i dont think a penny goes into stuff that matters to us or rather me ... like the roads ..and i give them so much money ( by my standards) every year .. the buggers !!

thank you Upsi jee , and i am sad ..very sad :(
Suggest you leave the government for another when can one expecet you here Sirjee?
sanguine!! how are you?? been such a long time i am at your blog, i remm it was something else earlier...howve you been? remm the time you'd helped me with a project at bschool...:)
e! well arent they all the same ?? which one is yours ?

kunal ofcourse i remember .. i also remember you never got back to me ...
so how have you been , calvin dear ?
lol. nehi re - the thing is i had you on my feed reader, so i never came here - i just assumed that if you updated i would get it on the feed reader. but something must have gone wrong, or maybe you changed sites? dunno. some glitch. so the feed reader didnt update for ur blog for a long time. and since u had stopped before i just assumed u had again stopped ... my bad. sorry :)
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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