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Thursday, February 08, 2007

  Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night...

After pulling an all-nighter for this party at our home on Saturday , and then , ignoring all the hints my body kept giving me to take it slow , on Sunday I didn’t sleep and went for another party . I just popped a couple of combiflam and thot all is well.
So I was punished for that .
Monday morning I cudnt get out of the bed . I had high fever , sore throat and really bad body ache .
I was home for 3 days , bored to death with nothing to do . I mean how much can a person orkut on net … there is a limit to it .
Hubs had this really important meeting in pune , so he went as well . now I didn’t have anyone pampering me as well… the worst time to fall ill .
Tried to read the latest John Grisham .. is it my fever or the man has written the worst ever novel this time ?
And to top in all , the cable kept coming and going . Apparently the amplifier or whatever they put in our building had a bad connection or something , so every time the lift was used the cable went out . yeah that’s what I ws told by my ‘cable guy’ .. the way it was going , I wudnt have been surprised if he wud have told me that every time someone will flush , the cable will go out..

Back in office today …. not in as they say in the ‘pink’ of health , but I am a definite light pink … no backlog of work , as I kinda did manage to work from home during the fever… but am really mad at myself for fallin ill and loosing 3 days of the SL .. cud have ‘utilized’ them elsewhere .. sheesh..

By the way abt the song in the title of the post , have heard almost all versions , so so many people have sung this song .. but my favorite is Ella Fitzgerald’s and also Ray Charles with Natalie Cole. Which version do you like ?
( that is if you like the song in the first place )
(how can anyone not like this song , is beyond me :P)
heh! ( at utilizing your sick leave) Good you're back to your normal I read somewhere, "If you're comtemplating retirement, consider what's on daytime tv first!"
your post brought that to mind! :)
Shanichar ratri taap?
peggy lee's version. but yeah, you're right.. i love this song, irrespective of the singer.

Must be looking great in that color. I like pinks even if it sounds cliche.

Take care.
Hi,Sanguineji..hope u're feeling aok..reg. the song'Fever',I quite like the Boney M version.:)
Shub- now that is super intelligent .. for retirement , sick leaves : whats on television matters .. heh hee

Cherie- LOL ..technically not tho.. it was Somvaar Prabhat taap, shaniwar raat aabhaas tha :D

the girl from kokatta i think peggy lee is the one who sang it origanally ..and me too loves the song inspite of the singer ..
elvis's version is cool too...
arunima- no re .. pink is jus not my colour .. earthy colours are more like me.. beige , burnt orange, maroon ..
and you back ? good.

amitL- am fine now .. got another weekend to relax ..
you know what i havent heard boney m's version ... but i wl now . gonna download today only :D
listen to the signals ur body is sending to u....its not a sin to slowdown sometimes and take things a little easier
Somvaar Prabhat got some language skills to talk about
oye sang jee,
kya haal hai abhi?
ho gara beemar to koi na ho teemardar
aur agar mar jaaiye to nauhkha koi na ho
abhi abhi taza likha hai
sheriff aye aye sir ! i am gonna do exactly that .. i wl take an off from the office on monday if i dont rest on the weekends ;D

upsilamba ab chaange hai ji .. aap sunao

dhoop waah waah.. muqarar sirjee..
To tell you what, me too down with fever and sore throat since the day after the marriage. Per Kya kerein ... life had to go on so ignored it ... till I I landed in Pune.

Abhi antiobiotics per hoon :-(
oye aap bimaar thee...well, silly question...thats wat the post says...Aaj toh pink se Laal ho gaye hoge....aur V-day ke koi spl
manish - the worst thing abt this fever is that since it saps one of all energy that even after the fever is gone , one keeps feelin sick ..

mehak - kya re , i dont think we are doin anythin .. am still in noffice n it is 9 already .. wl be here for another hour n half ..
unless hubs has planned something .. that wud be really nice .. hmmm..
so what r ur plans ?
hey...i hope ur alright now n ur valentines went off wat did u do ;-D im still waiting for my bouqet of roses to get delivered! anyway no update here for soemtime.
marlee thanks darlin , hope you had a gr8 val day urself ... and what !! you didnt get the bouquet ... i wl kill these bluddy guys ... am sendin another .. :P
wl update in a couple of days ...
Glad that you are ok now. But when can we read your next post? :-)
hey alka am good, how are you ? back from ur haitus ?
and you can read my next post right now :)
aaj kal dauda bhagi karke bimar padne ka style aa gaya bai bollywood mein, magar aap bhi?
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