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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

  dog food , any one ??

Duty on pet foods down from 30 to 20% !!
that’s good news , with the regular food costing so much i shud switch to
a different kind of diet food and hopefully it wl be more effective than what i am eating right now...

and may be you all can join me make our country a place like this ....

budget 2007 mubarak ho !!

Sahi post !!!!
High time you get over the budget/tax crisis phase, Sang jee.

Though I admit both the posts had me ROTFL.
Hehe! Bow wow!
dog food? makes sense :P. this sort of answers a lot of questions that i had been meaning to ask you for a long long time.

roflmao XD

Think of this as an opportunity to go on a diet.
hehehe..doggone budget, I swear!
Hi, came across via manish's pages.

Same feelings here, as Shotgun quoted, lower price for dog food and higher for poor man's 'bidi'.

BTW wheat is being imported these days by this 'Janta ki Sarkar'.
lol. and he is so cute!
mehak- :D

upsi jee- get over it ?? am so under it , i cant breathe yaar ... i want to buy a house this month , n it keeps gettin impossible with each day *sigh*

prats- right bac atcha...

praveen- it makes sense to u ?? hmmm ... pliss to explaining pliss....
phatichar- well you got that right ..:D

praney- oh i know you , i mean i have seen you at manish's blog as well ...
welcome hai ... really , wheat is being imported ? frm whr ?

ricercar- ya sure he is ... n thats the plan , to make every1 in the country as cute as him ..
.. and that is why we have the expression "you luck dog"
dhoop - LOL , ya we are the lucky dogss...heh he
kuch nahi ji. aisehi kheech raha tha :D
My dog eats more than me.. and unfortunately it eats more 'human' good, so i guess, i save nothing..
any idea how 'that' stuff tastes?
Ha ha. Its really a dog's life,Sanguine. I bet certain mam Maneka Gandhi has a big hand in it.

PS: Buying a house this month! Vow!! Its a very difficult job these days! Congrats!!!
BTW, A very Happy Holi to you and your family !!!,we can truly say'It's a Dog's Life', Sanguineji..:)
austy - :D

praveen - tab theek hai ;P

golden words- do u have a lab ? nope , i have no idea ...n i really dont want to know , inspite of how much the govt wants me too ...
thanks, manish. how was ur holi ? waht house maan ...i was thinkin that may be the costs wl go down once the budget is announced ...nothin ...*sigh*
it truely is a dog's life ..

you can say that again, amitjee.
I can almost hear Dharam praaji saying "Kuttey kamini main tera khana khaa jaoonga!" Aapko bhee budget aur Holi dono mubarak :)
Hahahahahaha....sanguine...heres a conforting adage, variety adds spice to life ;-)

on a serious note, i so agree with u! i spent a bomb just buying some gloss, kajal n cream! at the rate prices are soaring im gonna have to bank on just my 'natural beauty' lol!!!

dont worry (yeah, easier said than done) im sure the house probs will go away soon.

ps-tried leaving a msg at 'shout here' couldnt :-(
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