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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

  ...and back to the grind .

well, not really started the "grind" grind, but i have joined my new office. And so far so good . But it is too early, so I will wait a while before I pass the verdict.

I took a 10 day break and I have a observation ( more like confession) : if I count the best times of my adult life , most of them has to be in the break I took between jobs . Seriously .. all the stress and worries of the old job left behind and no new tensions or pressure of new job . No phone calls to attend , no mails to check , no instructions to pass , no supervision or quality check. Pure bliss.
But it is over now . till the next one .
N says I change jobs for these breaks . He is wrong ofcourse , but one fact I will concede , that for me the anticipation of the break time is way more than the new job itself .
What about the numerous holidays every couple of months?!!!
- Anumita
Anumits hey , that is what i am saying yaar .. even during those vacations i am on the damn kalaberry , answering mails , checking designs have seen me :)
but these 10 days , i did nothing of that sorts . it was , as i said , pure bliss .
you know i heard this quote on tv the other day ( actually on criminal minds ) - the person who needs the vacation most , is the one who just came back from it . thats me !! hee hee hee .
suniye babu, badhiyaaa hai!

(thoda change mara)

bindaas aish karneka, kya?

touch wood waley good wishes aapko.
ah yes, when the work-life balance is completely tilted towards life :)
Austy thanks a ton :)

Manujee well said . and towards the breaks work offers to enjoy life ...hee hee
and fyi , complete freedom to blog here .

All the best for your new job!!

Come to Hiranandani some time...i've moved there...
Mukta thanks , babe . wud love to come , when is the party ??
Alas, I have'd no such pleasure :-) But yes, I can imagine.

Some what similar to this. The best time used to be summer vacations in the school, especially the one immediately after the 10th board!
i am looking for a change and looking for that break.
Manish arre , it is easy . find a new better job and just quit . come onnnn, you can do it .... :D

Arunima ah , good luck . hope you get it sooner than expected . seems like you'll really set in well in this new job.:)I'd totally agree,too-that the best times of adult life have been the breaks in between jobs,even though this is just my third job.:)Will be adding you to my blogroll very soon.
hiiiii!!!! i'm back, i mean with a new blog and everything. no alias this's just a coupla post old but man am i feeling great about it! and ur the first one i linked back to :-)
how've you been? congrats on the new job. i changed too, 6 months back.
take care and see u around!!
reminds me of the four-on four-off days when one was sailing :)!!

Hmmmm, recently one line hooked me when I met the CEO of, as he said, “It’s best when you love your work and in rely your work also loves you.”
we all love that break dude...

congrats on the new job...hope the good feelings last ;) otherwise there is another break in the wings..
in case you still visit these pages once in a while.... i have started a new blog.... should definitely be posting a couple of times... dunno how long it'll last!

After a long time. Wonderful to see you are still writing.
I see a nice blog here.

Keep Writing.
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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