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Sunday, August 12, 2007


It seems right.
It seems worth it all.
It seems like about time.
It was never very easy. But it was never very hard also.
Yet the calm that descends is like never before.
Funny in the pit of the stomach.
Unfamiliar heart beat.
You try to remember how it was before this moment.
The struggle, strife, insecurity.
The determination, resolve, purpose.
Big failures.
Small victories.

There IS light at the end of every tunnel.
I saw it today. I reached the end of this one. A really long one.
I know there will one more tunnel tomorrow, another the day after.
But I know now. I know better.
There will be light at the end of them all.
All I need is belief and patience.
I will see it through, like today.
I am ready.
very nice :)
yeh kya ho raha hai arrey yeh kya ho raha hai....funny pit...heartbeat ....hmmmm :D
I don't find it funny, it's serious, a mixed spirit, a rare emotion and needs to take care of.

The most important word and thing here is to struggle, ignore big failures, stick to small victories and keep faith.

And sun will rise for you. confused...but all I can say is Go, Girl, Go.
a child?
pre :)

mehak arre baba , kuch nahi ho raha hai . something good happened so i wrote abt it .

very well said ,praney thats exactly what i meant .

thanks marlee babe . i AM going to go :D

arunima , nahi yaar !! baccha hota to tunnel ka end thode na hota , ek 18 saal ( or may be more) ke (nicer) tunnel ki shuruwat hoti :))
Am dying to know what!!! Am so happy... this house is already bringing in good things! Hurray!!
Damn! Even i thought twas a baby! No, eh?!
Anyway, good on you! :-)
Thoough very well written, I do not like reading such posts. They reveal so less, and make you want for more. Almost like soliloquies!
nice redemption...err.. reincarnation:)

aptly written blog!
Next post please?
it aint over till its over......and sometimes we create our own tunnels....never wanting to come out of them...anyways....nice to know dta u seen light....
You've again taken a break !!!
Come back soon.
Hiiii Richa!!
I hope you remember me. I am the same Rahul who "stumbled" onto your blog two years back. Got the link of your new blog from Manish's blog. How are you? Gud to read that you shifted to a new house. Read some posts of yours and found the same warmth and connection as it was two years back.
I am available at I'll be more than happy to rejoin with my old blogsville friends.
Happy New Year, Richa!
It's beautiful... Happy New Year!
Kaisa hai Richa?
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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