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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

  jaane do na !!

I really don’t know how to let go …
whether it is that old dupatta , which I keep explaining to N, that it will someday match something and I will wear it …
or old assorted cassettes of college time, that I cannot play on the new player , so I play them on the walkman …

or that one particualr friend who choose to cut me out of her life so long ago , yet i still try n give reasons for her action to myself almost every other day ...
or my sister and brother , who tell me all the time to back off coz I just HAVE to know what they are feeling or how they are feeling.. every living moment …
or blogging …

that is why I keep coming back to it …
the first post I wrote was on 16th Feb 2003 … for a while I had been reading blogs and one day I opened an account and wrote …and it was good …
those were the days of no comments , no regular pressure , no nothing …I just wrote what ever I felt like …
then slowly I learned how to put in the comments section , started interacting with fellow bloggers style of writing changed .. so have the urls , fonts , background ….
since then I have taken a lot of breaks , tried anonymous blogging et al ..
but I am always back …
because I cannot let go of things that have in some way or other given me happiness.. comforted me when I was down …
but sometimes it gets smothered with love , so I let it breathe a little …
but I am always back .
because I really don’t know how to let go ..
Good you didn't let go! I came across your blog only recently... And i am a pretty young blogger really...

About letting go, when i don't do it, people do it for me... :(
The only problem is that between your "not letting go episodes", we, the addicted ones to your writing, have to keep saying silent prayers and have faith on your previous returning cycles.

We refresh this page every day and then say - oh didn't she come back last time. We hope you haven't called it day this time as far as blogging is concerned.

I know we don't have a choice, and neither do you - but make these gaps few and far in between. We want read more of your writings.
sometimes it is go not to give up.

Atleast with blogging. I would love to read you and many other bloggers and grow old along with me.

Someday, we will be blogging about our kids and stuffs and then retirement and religion and philosophies.

Don't give up mate.
excuse my spelling. I meant "good" :-)
Thank heaven for small mercies :)
echoing the above sentiment. kabhi kabhi theek hai. but kabhi kabhi its good to hold on to things. glad to see you back again. speaking of holding on.... i've had the same blog URL n same template for 3-4 yrs now. i take breaks too but u kno...

take care. end of the week is not too far away. :)
there is a reason why you can't let somethings go. it stays with you - at times calm and other times vigilant.but it is good. a consolation is offered afterall.

and boy arent we glad you havent let the blog go...

also sanguineji, I think we cant just let "rain rain go away, come back another day"..
suddenly somehow we are grown ups.
we're just glad to have you back ..
this post reminded me of your old posts - the ones in the starry blog ... when i first started to read your blog ... all those years ago :)
Aa gaye aap!!! :D

Thanks for the b'day wishes :)
Welcome back! Unless something makes you feel dumb, never let go of anything in a Rat Packer.
I don't know how to comment to this, so I'm just going to make sounds -

woo eee ooo aaa
One thing I would like you to think again Sanguine, that CAN you let the things go if they give you pain instead of happiness as you said there?

Just like the memories of departed old friends you still keep thinking of everyday, I am sure wont be giving you happiness at all.

We all are sentimental fools (pardon me for saying so but I feel I am a fool always being senti) sailing in same boat those who cant let the things go off their hands.

But if one day I have an option of getting rid of that emotional foolness, I am sure I am not buying this.

So just stay as you are, you have lot of admirers here :)
Aahan! A post I can somewhat relate to... Though I have always tried to maintain my own space and let the others around just be...I do try to sneak into thier lives...bcoz somehow...I just can't let go...and can't let go some other things like...emotions that matter how much I try to forget things!!! That's part human and part my silliness!!!
Liked this post...and more so for the honesty.
~~~~Aindrila Chaudhuri
and arent we all glad that you cant let go :-))
i seem to have the same trouble, even when i have nothing much to say, i keep going back to my blog every now and then.i just did it again :-)
keep writing!!
Should I say-welcome back?:)Yes,I know..u always keep coming back to blogging,but,seriously,u should make an effort to become at least a weekend blogger..otherwise,people(Except for the ole faithfuls like me..grin) reduce their visits...:)

I have this habit of keeping news paper cuttings, that us exactly what ppl mean when they say "garbage".
hey...where are you gal?
cheer up and come back.
life's too short.
don't see it as a burden .. utilise the space as and when it suits you
Oh keep writing and dont let go. when i read what you wrote i was reminded of myself. It is worth the stay for all you know you may even meet that interesting person over the blogs too :-)

** Am I hinting something.. N'ahh **

Take care then,
hey bungi , good to see you here . it is addictive , this bloggin will know, just you wait :)

manish aww you are the sweetest bud maan .. i am not goin anywhr , remember i CANT let go ..

arunima ya that sounds like an excellent idea , growing old together 'virtually' .. great one

cherie! touc`he

khotta oye , i am better than you , dude .. you vanish more than often than me , bhaiyaaaaa!! :)

upsijee you can say that again ... we do 'suddenly' grow up ..

ricercar you remember the starry blog .. aww... we have been here for a while na ..and we are grannies here ,blogging wise

mehak yes aa gaye hum ..phir se :))

marlee no no bloggin doesnt make me feel dumb , it makes be feel so loved ... i like it . hee hee

nice sounds ,dee. i wonder whr else you make them .. :D

praney well said .. i remember them and cant let them go coz they gave me those warm moments to hold onto.. unhappy moment i kinda erase .. am essentially a happy person or try to be one ... :)

hey Aindrila Chaudhuri welcome on my page . hope to see you here more often

wunderkind I do too ..keep goin back to ur page lookin for new posts .. you HAVE to start writing again darlin .. that wud be nice

amitL ya i know ... even you dont come as often .. i wl try , be a weekend blogger at least ..right now i am more monthly

dhoop how are you ? you havent written for a while now .. pls do

upsijee am back .. again .

san yes ma'am .. yes !

vik yes it is .. one of my best fren is a result of bloggin ..
so when are you coming to bbay to meet *interesting people* :)
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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