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Saturday, April 14, 2007

  life !! at its inconvenient best...

“If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.”
Nope I have no problems , but I have a lot of inconveniences ….

Ridiculous deadlines to meet at work ..
A very pampered sister to entertain at home …
Loss of 5 kilos which no one noticed ….
Home loan sanctioned, no money to pay emi s…
Expense of 38 thousand in mere 4 days , courtesy the same pampered sister…
The maid’s fall in the bathroom , resulting in 2 days off..
Major upheaval in office hierarchy , resulting in will-pull-your-arm-and-stuff-it-unmentionable-places looks from a co worker…
No holiday in sight till August…
The pain of India’s loss in cricket (yuss, am still hurting)…
The unnecessary delay in my promotion and the politics ensuing to do that…
The tedious paper work at the builders’ and bank…
The general incompetence of people around …

I want to go home , to ma baba …. I am a little tired …
I feel like just lying next to ma and closing my eyes and making all the inconveniences go away ….
Oh pooh baby :(
me too (@ wanna go meet my folks - tired)
and i just met my family :(
Bhagwan Jab Musibat Bhi Deta Hai to chhappar phadker deta hai...but Expense of 38 thousand in mere 4 days .... baap re...

Waise I am going for short dash to Lko starting from 25th to 29th of April!
e i poor in so many ways right now :(

ricercar join the club , dear..

manish my sis comes here only to shop .. it is her yearly ritual , n she goes crazy ...
Waise I am going for short dash to Lko starting from 25th to 29th of April! you want me to cry na no .. just say, i will do that .. :(
how clear is that silver lining in those clouds? can you see?

wait it out and hang in there.
you got the power, Sang jee
ah inconveniences. well wouldn't life be jsut boring without them...(i think i should expect a stern stare at this point).

But yea...sure. i'd like to join club too. sure beats being umemployed in a foriegn country.

LOL at the shopping ritual :-)

No I certainly don't want you to feel cry, Richa. I was just expressing my joy :-)'s one of Those phases...just wait and see,Sanguineji..u'll come out of it with a smile on ur face.:)
upsijee ya i am seeing it a little ...

khotta you bet *staring sternly*
u know i sometimes think i ws better when i ws unemployed .. so how have u been ?

manish ya i got that ... now stop smiling ..hee hee

amitL thanks , sirjee ..i know this too will pass ..right ?
hmm i dont mind being unemployed if i am being taken care of. but alas...sigh. neways m alright. still havnt found a (new) job. what to do. like i said before...its an inconvenience.

Hey! u lost 5 kilos?!! 8-O how?!! im dying to sed my christmas lard! Tell me :-D

N chill, eevrything'll fall into place...hang on...till then here's a big SMILE frm me :-)

Tk cr
expectations....of a lil sister......of a promotion...that india will be admired...expectations at work place, at home

...sometimes i feel how screwed is urban way of life...multiple identities...multiple expectations...and life lost somewhere

managed to come online after three weeks for five minutes...its the same story everywhere...many a times i leave everything and run away
Yes,indeedy,Sanguineji...this too shall pass..or,it might have passed already.:)So,when's the next cheerful post?
ah, its a variation of the 'my brother is an atm' sis routine i am used to... meanwhile drop in for some fourplay at my blog :)
Awww....know what you mean. Here's hoping things get better soon...damn that's a crappy, no-brainer thing to say. My first time at this blog but your id is familiar.
how is things going, Sang?
Update please, its about one month since last.
Whew. What a post, looks like I am peering in my own brain with lil changes.

Damn is this life? Sometimes I wish just to ran away to some hills for some freah air and will not forget to throw my mobil away before I leave. WISH !
Jus droppin by...

Hope your 'inconveniences' ease out a little bit... Cheers!

how b u?

lo...any more and it will kill ya!
got better later?
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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