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Sunday, December 03, 2006

  Hum ko maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin...

Ok I have two theories about Team India …
One : Chappell is on Australian board ‘s payroll . He has been planted in Indian Team to wreck the team performance , morale and all that ..
and yuss of course the batting order .
Two : Team India is losing so badly , oh so badly , becoz it is their plan to do so . They wanted Ganguly back and now that he is .. they wl start winning again ..

And now we will win the world cup. Chappell can go bounce ..

...Dilko khush rakhney keh liye Ghalib yeh khaayaal achhaa hai....!*sigh*
Dekhiye pata hai ushaq buton say kya faiz / Eik Birahman nai kaha hai key yeh saal acha hai! That must be for 2007!
You wouldn't believe this, but I too have been spreading the first theory for quite a while :-)
Aajkal cricketrs get too much too soon. The day they will be deprived of their plum endorsements, they will start performing.
no way, the aussies hate wasting money on things that happen naturally..
& Chappell's got a suite for 2 years @ Taj West End-Bengaluru..

I second Alka's opinion..recently read about how much our cricketer's earn in Outlook...anywere between 8-15 crores ...
e touche wood .. but you know what , conspiracy theories aside , is team ka bhala hota nazar nahi aa raha hai ...

Manish see i told you .. great minds always think alike ... n ofcourse there is that connection.. hee heh
alka in todays world every1 gets every thing very soon ..look at the call centres .. you know i dont mind their earning money .. i think the endorsements are directly proportional 2 their performance .. they know that .
n anyways handful of them have plum ones anyways , whats wrong with the rest of them ..
as always manu i think you have hit the nail on the head .

Mehak oh i thot it is a pretty bunglow in one the resorts .. saale ko bbay mein mira road mein apartment de dena chahiye .. and he shud be asked to travel to town by train every time india looses a match .
Reincarnation of a Blog. ... hehehe badiya naam chuna hai ... aur cricket ke post mein bhi ghalib (abt the title of thsi post) ghusa kar kamaal kar dala.
Nice to see you back and thanks for dropping by my blog

- Dhoop
ohh btw, maroo a trip to
lol@manu! bottom line is - they suck!!

sent u email @ your yahoo ID. good to see you again!
accha..ismey foreign hand toh nahi?
thanks Dhoop and so good to see you here . ghalib can fit anywhr yaar .. he is contemperory all the time .

Mehak aha , biwi ho to aisi .. pati ki publicity huh ?

i did as u said maam. but ask him to update na !
SwB read it n replied as well :D

Austere LOL .. aisa hi lagta hai ..
foreign hand jo hamse better battin , bowlin n feilding karte hai .. bahut baadi conspiracy hai maam .. bahut baadi .
arrey ek toh purane dosto ko milao...upar se yeh sunno....sachi bhalae ka toh zamaana he nahin rakha...ufff..yes will pester him to update soon :p
Aah...I finally found your kept saying 'not found'..nice theory on the cricket team. U know what I think?See,we are basically a 'guest-oriented people'. So, we go abroad, we cannot think of behaving badly and making our hosts lose a match in front of their home crowd.So,we lose. Visiting teams come here, we play the perfect hosts, and let the guests go home happily with the trophies and accolades. So, what's wrong with this theory?Everyone's happy this way...our players get paid this way or that, our opponents are happy...only the few million Indian fans who take an off from work to see a match, are unhappy..But,who cares?
Mehak shame on me .. i shud have never doubted ur intent .but he hasnt updated yet .. he doesnt listen to you anymore na :P

AmitL aha , so we took a leave to watch the match did we ??
n finally you came .. thank you .
blog hopping from Amit's blog.

lol at the post - probably not too far from the truth
man...its been months since i've seen a cric. match. i miss it. :|
hey san , first time here na ? welcome.

Khotta arre it is good .. there is nothin to miss , except for the feeling of despair and anger .. and that i am sure you can do without right now. now smile .
sooo true! Your first thoery must be it ;-) Nice job, Sherlock!
at the risk of sounding really really clichéd
Elementary my dear Shub
New post, ma'm?
interesting theories those.. :)
interesting theories those.. :)
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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