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Monday, December 11, 2006

  hamahu bambaiya ...

this Saturday we were invited for dinner to this fren’s place . we had decided to take an auto coz i don’t let hubs drive when he is drinkin , esp since we have a bullet which i believe isn’t safe when one is sober , let alone when it is in middle of the nite and one is three pegs down (at least) no no it isn’t about what i let my hubs do when he is sober and when he is drunk , that is another story for another day..
now we needed to take out some cash from the ATM , so hubs went in to withdraw the money and I was in the auto . the auto guy had to take a u turn n then he parked the vehicle on the side .
there was this white maruti zen , which was takin a turn and the driver kept honkin n askin this guy to move the auto .. there wasn’t the space , so the auto guy didn’t move it at all .. the maruti driver turned the car , rather comfortably coz there was enuff space for him to do it in the first place, and then came to the auto guy , rolled down the window and said -

“saale UP vapas bhej dunga"
“bhejke dikhao" (I don’t know what came over me )

“ tumse baat nahi kar raha hun “
“par mein aapse hi baat kar rahi hun , UP chodo thane bhi bhej do to maan jae“
he looked disbelievingly n was about to say something when he saw hubs come back , so he just sped off from thr .
"what happened ? " (hubs asked )
"I told that me mumbaikar, that bambai hamar bhi hai"

I ws very happy that day , very smug. And yus very proud . I had made my point. tiny point to an insignificant person , but I had made it never the less..
(click on the pic for enlarged view)

this week wishing a big sunny field for one and all ..

You did that? Cool!!! Am so proud of you!!
Yeh hue na Baat...Yeh Bharat Haamar Hai!!

Oye did u say..Bullet...*dreaming*....u r one lucky girl..
LOL....that's what is called bravery.:)I'd have loved to see the dialogue extend further,without resorting to fisticuffs.:)
Anumita thanks but tell it to hubs, he thinks i butt in unnecessarily

Mehak I know , mera bharat mera bhi hai ..
Well , I don’t get on the bullet so much now , only once in a while … but we sure have had some g8 btimes on it .

AmitL you wud , wudnt you ? i wonder what wud have happened .. one thing i know my hubs wudnt have liked it one bit ;D
you are missing the whole point of the bullet!!!

the bullet is meant to be ridden on! and pillion riders are more comfortable than the driver for all bullets except thunderbird and older non-gas-shock bikes.

and that was a brave thing you did :)
"Jai Mumbaikar!"

""I told that me mumbaikar, that bambai hamar bhi hai"" eggjhactly :D

Mumbaikar is Mumbaikar and not Maharashtrian, Hindu, Muslim, Guju, pujnu or whatever ...


lol....good for u girl...and thanks for the visit to teh blog and the comforting :-)
brave yes...but still b careful abt jerks like these. btw, @ the calvin strip... :)
Dee now this is y bullet shudnt be mentioned in my posts.. it just takes away all the attention from the main topic .. that is 'my bravery' hee hee .
btw , we have machismo (i hope this is how it is spelt)

arti honarao i agree :)
Marlee u r most wel;come darlin. TC

khotta aww i wl be thanks..
my hubs say 'if you have to take pangas like this , jus make sure i am around to save you when they start hitting you or learn to run really fast ' hee hee ..
Ha ha ha I am trying to imagine the shell shocked expression of that guy!

When I first read the conversation at a flow I missed the comments in bracket after “bhejke dikhao". I thought it was driver who said this.

When I read the next dialogue - “ tumse baat nahi kar raha hun “, then I understood the scenario. So I was shocked while reading, what must have happened to that guy listening! LOL!

I can feel your smug and proud feeling. I often get such occasions to feel that way :-)
Manish ya the idiot didnt know what hit him ... the auto driver was very amused .. in fact he let go the 2 rupees rather gladly , since we didnt have the change .. heh he .
hmmm, the number of pegs consumed by author is conspicuously absent from the story... :) but good work nevertheless..
Manujee no dear , this ws b4 we reached the watering hole .. otherwise i wud have probably chased the chap , filmy style, all the way to UP .. *hic*
Attagurl! Far chaan haan :D!
Sangu champion of the deprived and the downtrodden!

Very proud :)
you *had* to mention a bullet didnt you? see? all your fault!

bullets tend to do that. and you've got a machismo! shining chrome and all. touching 120kmph with its AVL engine and gas shocks and a disc brake, it is one thumping beauty.

i mean come on! give me a choice between a bullet and a really hot girl. guess what i'd take?
yo babe YOU ROCK!
ek chamka ke deneka tha.
sunilbabu badhiyaaaaaaa hai..
ab usko dikha hi diya.
cherie! :D

e who said they are "deprived and the downtrodden" .. they are honest people making an honest decent living .. who is anybody to stop them .. *lal salaam*

gabby you are back ... welcome dear..

dee hey i know the answer to that .. a really hot girl on a bullet hain na !

austy i know dena chahiye tha , hubs ne bacha liya ...

arunima :)
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