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Sunday, November 26, 2006

  i missed bloggin *sigh*

that is why i am back ... again .
new page ... again .
promise to stay longer here ... again.

life has been more better than worse since i went away ... i changed my job 3 months back.. had one of the best holiday ever .. changed my hairstyle .. started putting makeup ( yeah its never too late ) .. and suddenly decided one day that i do want to have a baby ( no not right away ..) sooner than i thot ... met some really fine people.. lookin forward to the next year..

it is good to be back . oh yeah .
kaise ho, kahan ho, remembered you today evening only, bolo!
Welcome back...and that blogroll needs updating :)
Wb..hope you are well :)
Now I am used to your disappearing :-)

But I am gald that you are back, and yes, I am surprised to see you changed your baby resolve :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog. I do remember you. But its time for new post. :-)
oh jee. welcome back jee.
Austy i knew it .. we have a connection .. i knew it ..

e ah . thanks .. n wl do the needful .
cherie thanks.. am very well n so looking forward to regular bloggin like old days..

Manish guilty as charged ... but i wonder y u surprised .. may be aryan changed my mind.. who knows..:D
Alka what !!! a new post already?? i jus posted yesterday.. dont pressurize me lady .. i WANT 2 stay this time ..
i am so glad u remember me ..

Pravin oh thank you jee.. very much jee...
its good to see you back.oh yeah :)
Manuscrypts thanks .. you guys make my return so wonderful *sniff* yeah !! oh yeah !!
Oh my God!! And all this while I thought you were having a baby ;-)
Good to have you back!! And all those changes...good on ya! Hope to see ya blogging regularly! :)
welcome back!!
Haan sab kusoor Aryan ka lgta hai :-)
shub thanks , i wl try to b regular ..

arunima thanks

manish may be :-)..
not make up tho ..
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oh ya i do .. i am addicted to bloggin .. i take breaks ..real long ones .. and then am back .

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