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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

  dhoom and the hug that shud have lasted longer .

After watching some really decent sensible hindi cinema ( Dor , Khosla ka Ghosla, n even Pyar ke side effects ) I went to see dhoom with basic expectation of a good film.
N I didn’t get it .
Some might say it was from a different genre ( it is such a fashionable word today , even Ravi Kishen is using it ) from the one I prefer n understand . sure … if the genre is ludicrous cinema . phuleeze, if you have to make a film like this get the basic plot right at least , then coat it with the mind-blowing action sequences , path breaking styling et al . but here they have a completely nonsensical plot with juvenile logic …. sample – the police can book a thief only if he is caught red handed ..
And whats with the slo-mos many n so looooooooong .. I don’t remember so many slow motion sequences in any film ever .. all those introductions of the characters – first hritik , then uday, then abhishek, then bipasha 1, then aishwarya ,then bipasha2 .. all in really long slow motions.
By the way why was there a double role of Bipasha , cudnt the first one just colour her hair red , wear bikini and speak gibberish under the pretext of under cover .. come on , this wud have made more sense than identical twin ..
Stupid .. stupid .. stupid ..

And ya also .. even tho I am no technical person myself , I still cud see that editing was really bad ..
But I have to agree the stunts are good and the film is stylish .. for all except Abhishek .. gawd , he is lookin so tacky . and why is his stubble resembling my ma ‘s maternal brother , babbu mama’s , beard .. babbu mama used to dye his beard to hide grey hair . and in front of Hrithik, the contrast hurts .. it physically hurts. I like the guy yaar.
Ashwariya has looked plastic like always ( I don’t like her , so there ) .. bBpasha continues her bad acting like always, Uday Chopra yet again proves why he doesn’t get films outside his dad’s banner and this is second consecutive uncomfortable performance by Abhishek Bachan ( after umrao jaan)..
But there is one good thing in the movie … n it is **drumroll** Hrithik Roshan **drumroll**.. no one , yes no one has ever looked better than him on indian screen.. ever …so so good .. like really really hot
(that was sunhari’s aatma in me)
I have always considered Hritik like the guy whom I wud like my sister to get married to , so no improper feelings for him ever …such a good boy …but after watching dhoom am keeping him for me … I had met him a couple of years back during this film’s premiere , of which my hubs was a part of . I had thot then that he was too beautiful, too perfect to be a man... I
now regret letting him go when he hugged me then.. sheesh ..

the genre is timepass.. but dont worry its not one of those 'you either have it in you or dont' ones, it usually gets acquired...:p
welll manu , timepass .. ya may be .. but sirjee , it was timepass in slomo .. really looooooong slomo :D

so you liked the movie , didnt you ?
arrey Ravi Kishen can spell Genre & he knows the meaning too.....News to me :p

well i'd say one of the best reviews of Dhoom2 i've read all over the net...

Well i'd say don't go in search of some logic n fundas...just enjoy the movie as its been made....
Ha ha ha ... you shouldn't have let him go .. sheesh .. my wife is a die hard too ... :-)

And that was Lakhsyha premiere, I guess ? I remember once you mentioned that your husband was part of this film.

I don’t like her , so there ... I don't like her either ... so there.

Abhishek Bachhan is seriously down the hill. Success has got into his head. And then Aishwariya is an antidote of Parasmani. Jisko Chhooti hai, barbaad ker deti hai.

I remember when he was not successful, he used to keep smiling face. Now the smile has simply vanished, and has been replaced by a constant frown. Do notice when you next time see him ont TV.
I agree Hrithik is too divine to be reserved for one woman, though I have not seen the film neither I intend to after reading your post.
hey R, good to see you again babe! ... long time!

*tight hug*
lol @ I now regret letting him go when he hugged me then.. sheesh ..

btw, thanks for this write-up... you are the fifth person who didn't like the film (among the five people i talked to)

i am definitely staying away from Dhoom 2 now...
Mehak i never said he knows the meaning , i just says he uses it ;).. and thanks for the compliment .. u know i do enjoy inane movies , its just that dhoom 1 wasnt so baseless .. now if i wud gone to see raja babu 2 , i wudnt have gotten so bitterly disappointed ..
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Manish oh ya i agree , AB used to be so endearing earlier now he is so full of himself and his dad ..
i mean have you seen that credit card ad 'we all know who the real big b is ...' makes me want to puke .. arre theek hai bhai we get it ur dad the bestest , now stop rubbing it on our faces all the time ..
Alka no no see the film for hrithik .. n really i wl have to share him ..uuuwwww ..

swb i know a really long time . **right-back-at-you**

Anks well see the movie , you just might like it ..coz thr are atleast 10 people i have talked to who have liked it .. it is a hit afterall ..
And Don?
Don't you think SRK needs a facial? and i actually LIKE the man.
Hey you never told me you hugged Hritik!! Can you get me Sanjay Dutt? Actually not for me, but Mukta really likes the guy and since she's getting married it could be the gift of a lifetime for her...
Your hub's in the movie business? wonder if my stories could be made into movies..(grin)..just kidding..Hey, it feels good to be back..
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